We’re moving…yaay!


Like the previous post below said, “this is a temporary goodbye”, and that doesn’t mean that we stop our stories and journeys for too long. For our lovely reader, we’ll see you at our new home :). And don’t worry, we’ll keep entertaining and sharing something with you, as there will be many surprises and interesting updates waiting.

So,see you there and don’t forget to leave any comments or say anything to us, lovely readers!

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A Temporary Good Bye

At the first time, we merely want to create a blog to engrave our personal journey in life. We enjoy every minutes of it that we want to create our milestones here. I still remember that Thursday evening, January The 15th, We finally created our online diary (we did have the offline book since 3 years ago :p).

But as time goes by, Our faithful readers astonished us with this stats which was print screenshot yesterday, Feb 5th.


Also, when I’m peeping to our flagcounter which was set in here on January 24th. I really love seeing 16 different countries visiting us.

We are so happy readers!
That we decide to give you even more and more..
So….on behalf of us, I proudly announce this:



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Lion Dance’s Show

This time, i’ll share about Lion Dance to our fellow readers who don’t know about this traditions. It became a tradition to welcome Chinese New Year with this kind of performances. Actually, it is an traditional folk art origin from China, and it supposed to add some fun to the festivities. For some people, it is interesting to see this performances, but some people believe that if well performed, the lion dance is believed to bring luck and happiness. Ancient people regarded lion as the symbol of braveness and strength, and thought it could drive away the evil and protect the human and livestock. Therefore, performing lion dance became a custom where people can pray for good luck and safety. The lion dance was performed in a group of two to five lions of different colors. Each lion was performed by two men dressed in costumes, with one person wielding the lion head while standing, and the other wielding the lion body and tail while stooping down. These people were called “lion-men” and they danced in tempo to the musical pieces like drum, cymbals, and gong.

During the more than 1,000 years of development, lion dance has developed into two major genres : Northern Lion Dance and Southern Lion Dance.
The lion in the Northern Lion Dance looks more friendly, and looks just like the lion that we know. The movement of the dance mainly focuses on the performance of martial lion dance, guided by the lion dancers, the lion writhes, falls forward, jumps and makes a bow, as well as some other highly difficult movements such as walking on wooden or bamboo stakes, jumping over a table, etc.
On the other hand, the Southern Lion is depicted as an animal with a lion’s head. It has two horns and the skin is scaled. One of the legends has it that in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Emperor Qianlong dreamed about the pilgrim of an auspicious animal in colorful hair on his inspection tour south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. After his return to Beijing, the capital, the emperor ordered his men to make one according to the image of the auspicious animal he dreamed about. The Southern Lion Dance mainly focuses on the performance of civilized lion dance. The performance attaches much attention to the movements like scratching an itch, shaking the hair, licking the hair and so on.

Nowadays, the Lion Dance mostly performed to bring luck and to ward off evil spirits, as with the beginning of the Lunar New Year and grand opening of businesses, and now – minus the firecrackers – at weddings. I’ve taken a short video to show you how Lion Dance performed. live from my house’s front yard! enjoy!

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“I’m back”

Okay readers, first, let me greet you “Happy Chinese New Year”…a lil bit late, but it’s better than never, right?
here i go again…i was supposed to post my story yesterday, but there are several things that made (or should i say : forced) me to post it today. Yesterday, i was enthusiatically wrote my story, i want to share my “1 week story” to all of you. i’ve wrote 600++ words, if i’m not wrong, and then, suddenly i had a blackout (errr…not me, i’m fine if you’re worried about me…it’s my house electricity). After my house electricity went back normal, that’s when the second trial came. My internet connection snapped off, because i forgot to pay the bill! NICE, my day could’ve gone any better than this…what’s next?my TV explode?

So, 1 week ago, i was back to my hometown to spend holidays with my family, it’s chinese new year and it’s our tradition to do a family gathering. There are actually several other reasons for me why should i come back to my hometown:
1. it’s chinese new year
so that’s mean i have to go back to my hometown, i’ve explained this thing before :p
2. my driving licenses is expired
i don’t have an ID here at Surabaya, so i have to settle it at my hometown. yeah, wasting time and money…
3. i have to settle down my “moving letter”
moving letter??what kind of letter is that??no, no, not that kind of letter that moving around and i have to catch it…actually, i don’t know what the exact term of this “moving letter”…here’s the explanation : i was came from outside of Surabaya, different island, different province. i don’t have an available ID here, so that’s mean i have to get one. in order to have it, i have to announce my moving to Surabaya from my current hometown. The government will issue a letter, telling that i’m no longer worked and lived at my hometown, and moved to Surabaya, so i could have an ID at this city, understand? oh, one more thing…by “telling that i’m no longer worked and lived at my hometown”, it doesn’t mean that i’m being exiled!

On to the next part, my flight scheduled to depart at 7.10AM, so that means i’ve to be at airport on 6AM in the morning!i hope my flight wasn’t delayed so i didn’t waste my hard-effort for waking up early
7 AM – the announcer announce that we could board the plane (hooray!)
7.10 AM – sit sweetly on the plane, waiting time to take off
7.15 AM – my seat was changed, it’s okay tho since my new seat is much more bigger and comfortable…waiting time again…
7.30 AM – “ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. we’re sorry, we have some technical problem with our navigation system, please wait 15 minutes while we’re trying to fix this problem, we’re sorry for the inconvenience”…NICE captain!!
7.45 AM – “ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. we’re sorry, apparently we have to switch plane. please go back to waiting room while we wait for other plane”…thank you captain, i love you…
and guess what?the next plane was came at 9.30AM…

Next, what i’ve done in my hometown?not much actually, in short, i’ll list it as :
1. Eat, eat, eat
so many delicious foods, so little time…oh and i didn’t eat at restaurants all the time. if i have to dine-out, most of my time i spent at food stall just beside the main street, so old-school, traditional foods and snacks, benches that made from wood, and tent 🙂 but believe me, it’s ultra-delicious!
2. Family trip
oh what else can we do?i love to travel outside the city…and this time, the destination was : Martapura! (if you don’t know what or where is Martapura, this city is famous for it’s jewellery and precious stones handicraft…and also, diamond panning)
3. Reunion
i’ll upload the photo later, as i don’t have it yet. Actually, it’s just for my classmates :p i have around 35 attendants, they’re all my old friends from elementary school…the funny thing is, “why i can only recognize 5 of them?!am i sure this is my classmates??”. for all my old-friends, i’m sorry i didn’t recognize all of you…i’ll find our old photograph to compare it with your latest looks…oh, the most surprisingly, 4 of them are already married, and 1 of them is having a babygirl…congrats!
4. Visiting a mall
hooray! we have a mall in Banjarmasin! not that often, as far as i could remember, i only gone there twice…not much to see, and i’m too lazy to find a parking lot!
5. Measuring the length of street
yeah, since i came home…i’ve became a “private-family-driver-that-should-go-anywhere-anytime-my-mom-and-dad-asked-me-to”. but it’s fun actually, because whenever my mom and dad asked me to take them somewhere, i believe there will be food following me.. :p
6. Playing Wii
this is the most annoying thing…because i always lose when competing with  my little brother and sister! and by always lose, i mean EVERYTHING! ALL KIND OF GAMES! and while playing baseball, we have to swing the controller just like playing the real thing…that’s when my waist sprained… -_-;

there are lot to be told, but i guess, most of them aren’t important to tell 🙂
oh and by the way, i’ve had a slice of apple pie for breakfast 🙂 from my besties, the very same person that made a cupcake from the story below :p it’s nice and delicious! trust me! it’s a pity i forget to take a pic >.<
anyway, glad to be back again 🙂


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Morning Surprise

PhotobucketHappy Syalala…^^ ~

I got a sweet surprise today as i opened my office door. I couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw them! SIX steamed cupcakes in choco, strawberry and pandan were lying surrender as they were queuing to enter my tummy..hehe.. I was wondering how thoughtful my God is, providing me with foods when my stomach was grumbling for meal ransom this morning. I began to thank HIM then, for placing a very lovely buddy right beside my desk -who is willing to get up at dawn to homemake this yummy cakes- hihihihi…

You gotta to try this delicate heaven made :p Well, since all of them has gone to our tummy. I’ll beg her the secret recipe for you then..

blue :

“Pinkk..do you mind sharing d recipe with our reader? pleeaseeee :p”

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Happy Chinese New Year!


You could have a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye.. but only a true best friend  knows that you’re really about to cry…

Happy Chinese New Year guys!! 🙂

♥ Pink

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drink expired drugs

Today, I spend most of my time hanging out with my brother who’s gonna be graduated as a young doctor this June. Despite the fact that i used to grab red score for my high school biology (that’s why i hate bio, hehe:p), i’m addicted hearing his story about medical. I wonder how he explains all about i-should-know-general info about health in a way like my mom storytold cinderalla bedtime stories when i was a child.
(Oh..I love my brother so..hihihi)

He told me a case from his professor:
Suppose you are a doctor in a small clinic in a remote area. What will do if you have an emergency patient while the medicine left is expired? 
a. going out to town as fast as you can
b. looking for herbal medicine in a forest
c. do nothing
d. let him drink the expired drugs

What’s your answer, readers?

I answer A
but i was wrong
He said that the correct one was D
and screamed “WHATTT??”

then he explained:
The expired drugs is not a poison. The expiry date’s really just there as a mark that start from that day, the power of the drug will begin to degrade. Like sailormoon with her moonstick light. Before the expired date, the light is 100% powerful to make the evil turn into dust. But after expired, it will only make the villain faint…then after sometime…it will only make them weak…then it will become useless. The conclusion is: with or without her sailor power, sailormoon is not dangerous. In other words, first emergency treatment by letting the patient drinks a less powerful drug is better than not giving him medicine. 🙂

Tiba2 aku teringat teriakan ini:
Sailooooorrr Mooooonn…dengaaaan kekuatan bulaaaan..akan membunuhmuu :p


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